Friday, August 15, 2008

It really *does* exist!

After something like 2 zintillion attempts at Oz, the Crone finally dropped Legacy. I have to say, it was an emotional moment for me. Even if I lost the roll to the other hunter in the raid, just seeing it drop was proof to me that it was real and achievable.

The other hunter, however, was either a complete gentleman or just didn't want it, and nobody else rolled for it. Tears streamed down me eyes and got into me beard, but you can't tell with that awesome helm, or course.

After a visit with our GL for the Savegry enchant (we don't have the +35 one in the guild yet), I paused for a moment to savor this, my final piece from Karazhan. There's nothing left that interests me. And now that our guild has done a full clear, I feel a peaceful sense of closure. From here on out, it's for the badges, and to help my guildies out.

Wow, am I a loot whore, or what?

Speaking of the other hunter, he was one of our defectees during the Great Poaching; however, it was generally agreed tonight that he should be brought back into the officer corps. I'm glad; I think he made a bad call out of good intentions, but we all know about the substance of the paving stones in many of those cases. That's all past; welcome back, bro. I don't even care if you out-DPS me alla time. Gives me something to shoot for, so to speak.