Friday, August 1, 2008


It's almost a week since the Great Migration of the Weasels, and things are settling down.

The total loss to the guild was, for the most part, what I would term "filler" bodies - those that are taking up a slot, provide some form of protection to the squishies by being additional targets for, say, Aran, but otherwise, neither star players nor complete and utter noobs. The ringleader was competent on her tank and healer, and that hurts us in K2. The biggest wounds were from a mage and shammy she took because they are good friends of what I would consider to be the most watered-down warlock in existence. So his defection hurt us more in collateral damage than anything. The mage was a real death machine, consistently challenging our best to keep up with him, and teaching Flora the meaning of the word "humility."

Our primary main tank also defected, but he told the GL -after the fact - in mail that he was doing so to scout them out; they even made him GL. Our GL created a special guild rank for his alts, using a term not polite around the tea trolley. He did return to us, but his officer ranking has vanished, likely because (a) someone doesn't trust him yet, and (b) the horrific lack of judgement displayed. To be sure, our relationship with him has soured somewhat, and it may be a while before the trust is back. Or he may get tired of his reduced status and go back to the turncoats. That would not surprise me a bit.

He has made noise about wanting to get some of them - especially the mage and shammy as well as possibly another warlock - back into the guild. I, myself, do not see the virtue of this. The problem is that with one exception, they all left without really airing any grievances to an officer first. They just slunk off. Why should we as a guild put more resources into people that cannot be trusted to raise objections when they have them? Why would we risk another epic helm walking off into the night? How can we trust these people? I don't think we can.

I have been working in my spare time to get our guild site up and running the way I want it, so we can determine if it's worth the bother of keeping it up to date and purchasing a subscription so that we can use some of the scheduling tools. I fear that interest will fall off and this will become yet another dead site with our guild's name attached, part of a list of sites that grows longer every year. Our officers have to get behind this thing and make it work, apathy will not make it happen.

Our staff has resolved to possibly make Sunday our ZA raiding day. Here's hoping that it happens.