Monday, August 11, 2008

A Fashion Wasteland

Well! I've been on the sidelines for a while now while Illume soaked up all the spare cycles, but now that we have designated days, I can make some real progress! I'm also getting spare cycles from the weekend right now, so hooray for me!

On Friday I started out at level 52 and had recently respecced to Shadow so I could focus on getting to 60 faster. I'm still getting used to the new spec, and miss some of my heavy hitters from other schools, but Shadowform is my friend and I can't have it if I use Holy spells.

Initially I was looking at Vampiric Touch as my lead-in, followed by Shadow Word: Pain and Mind Blast, then Mind Flay, then either Mind Blast or Mind Flay again depending on how powerful the mob is. Flay is cheaper.

Eventually I dropped Vampiric Touch because I don't think it's helping at all, consuming more mana than I get back from it. (Actually, I don't think I get anything back from it at all). So the lead in is Mind Blast, my longest cast spell.

With this general assemblage I started in Tanaris, tore through Felwood, bloodied the Eastern Plaguelands' nose, and made my debut in Un'goro Crater. I'm now at level 55 and change, and was about to go purple, so last night was a good time to rest.

Some people aren't all that clear on what a shadow priest is. I went past one fellow in EPL while in shadow form and was asked if I was Holy spec. Oh well.

I would, however, like to lodge a complaint with the clothing committee. I've found one good piece of armor between levels 52 and 55, no weapons, and one ring. For the most part I am still wearing my duds from level 52. My main path to upgrading has been what drops from quest completions, and they are usually pretty far off my spec.

When I hit 60 I am re-speccing to Holy for the duration; I sure hope better stuff drops then.