Friday, August 29, 2008

Comments on Comments

For the time being we will accept comments here without requiring registration (This is probably a bad idea). Let's be clear: I prefer that you register. There are a few reasons for this;
  1. I can relate to people better that way.
  2. No drive-by snipings.
  3. If I ever change that policy, you won't have to scramble to create and validate an account - you will already have one.

Having said that, if you prefer not to, I understand. I reserve the following rights:
  • Merciless deletion of any anonymous comments.
  • Ruthless deformation of said comments.
  • Capricious change of policy due to overly obnoxious behavior.

It goes without saying that spamming is right out. I have spam blocking software in place, but it it becomes a second job to clear the buffers, the heck with it.