Monday, August 11, 2008

The Bunnies have Left the Building

The raid that started Wednesday with Grimm at the helm was continued on Saturday by the primary group - an excellent idea, since it gave the main group more time on the end bosses. They stalled out for a while on Prince due to a parade of horrible Infernal drops, but at the end Prince went down like the big cuddly loot pinata that he is.

We lost one player after that, so the RL asked me to come in for Netherspite. We took him down for the 4th consecutive time, and this time with a number of newbies, so we are getting better at this, no doubt about it. I am hesitant about using the term "farm status" but since a lot of people are thinking it, so be it.

And then Illhoof. We made a couple of attempts at him and called it a night, promising to return fresh the next day.

So this is what happened the next day:

That's him, on the floor, behind our victorious, upright selves.

As with any other fight, it is a matter of learning. One of the keys is to have a pally to keep the imps concentrated. Another key is to keep Kil'rek on the same end of the room as Illhoof is on.

Two warlocks spamming Seed of Corruption is a good thing. However, as time has gone by I have found that you have to choose your targets wisely, and pace yourself. Even with Fel Energy up, I was able to bottom out my mana.

The main targets for SoC need to be Kil'rek and Illhoof, which is why a pally is so important. By keeping everyone on that end of the room, everybody gets max damage from AoEs.

I am also not sure who does it, but somebody is putting a flame ward of some sort on me, which keeps me alive! Hello, whoever you are! I do notice!

So. It took us three tries. I am very grateful that the RL did not change strategies, but wisely chose to let us learn the fight. On the third try I had identified what I did that failed, and was able to resist wasting mana and focused on the target.

So what's left?

Oh, yes. Hello there.

We've poked our noses in on Nightbane exactly once and got stomped into the ground like bugs. So this was going to be very iffy.

One of our druids went tree form and we marked her with a moon. The word was to follow the moon and stay right on top of her. As Charred Earth or whatever popped up, we'd scamper off elsewhere.

We had a slight problem with the healers getting too close; well, I say that they got too close but they DID stay on the edge of the balcony, which has the same effect as staying on top of the marker.

First time: we died in the 80s (like disco).

Second time: Phase 2 passed before we died. Phase 2!

Third time: we made it past phase 3. I almost freaked out. The RL was yelling into vent Give it everything you got!!! and I'm looking desperately for more to give; dots, fireballs, anything! Every second is another second that something awful will happen, the MT will die and that beast will come charging down on our heads.

We pushed through it.

Karazhan. Full clear. Yeah, baby.

(yes, I was a little excited in that pic)

It has taken us months where other guilds might spend weeks. We've done it with pugs, sometimes, but usually we do it as a guild. We've done it without cheating. We didn't buy gold or toons or anything like that. We just kept trying, learned how to do it, and then practiced on the application of the lessons we've learned.

/salute Ordo Cuniculi Vorpali