Thursday, August 21, 2008

About that fight ...

In all the excitement I kind of glossed over the Karazhan fights that we did do, and they were pretty interesting.

Attumen wasn't a big deal, though he did take longer to down than we are used to.

Moroes was interesting ... our pally tank caught 3 of the mobs in his aura and they wouldn't let go. So our priest kept his target shackled and we just burned down all 3 of the pally's targets instead. That was some impressive tanking, and also, that was some impressive shackling by our green priest. We have veterans that have done worse.

Maiden was ... Maiden. I died on both attempts. I am definitely not as well geared as Flora, and Maiden lets me know all about it.

Also: this is a test of Zoundry Raven, an offline blogging client. So far I like it.

Update: OK, I don't like it as much now.