Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To trap or not to trap?

Much has taken place, but very little of it begging to be talked about, really. I'm enjoying my new flying mount immensely, and training of my new Zulian kitteh, Coral, is coming along nicely - she's up to 62 and loyalty level 3 at least, if not more, and holding aggro fairly well. Haven't checked since the patch, though.

Our guild started up its 3rd Kara group, which Illume is tentatively slated for, but not quite yet. I was asked if I minded filling the 10th slot. Since K2 is usually full, I don't see the harm - and it's not like there's much in Kara for me, anyway.

I'm proud to say that our group of around half noobs and half experienced toons were able to take down the first three bosses. We didn't try Opera because it was getting late.

A few words on this experience are in order.

There was a lot of "let's give up and go on to something else" going on, as there has been with other groups from time to time. Besides being defeatist, it's also unrealistic. People walked into Moroes expecting to be able to take him out after no more than three failed tries, which is silly. While only one or two people in the group hadn't done it before, most were in roles they had not experienced before. They needed time to practice, and some people just flat out refused to get that. You want easy Moroes? Stick with the prime group and MAYBE you'll get that. But there is going to be pain and tears on the junior group, so GET USED TO IT, suck it in, and, $CLASS HARDER until you perfect it, then move on to the next challenge.

As usual, on Moroes I was assigned to trap Brave Sir Robin, which I'm getting better at. My first time I blew it because I forgot to put on my trapping gloves. After that, it went well, with a little help from my friends - the GL backup trapping and the priests shackling occasionally - as long as our rogues didn't start playing Hero and try to "save the huntard" with thier uber uber moves. (The comment "Screw it - I'm not retrapping until that f**** dies" appeared on Officer chat that time around - but I was seriously perturbed. And some Serious Coaching took place after.)

After several attempts at Moroes (no two alike), we went on to Maiden, and wiped multiple times there as well, but eventually we took her down. The crew wanted to go on to Opera. Um, no. Guess who has the key? The Castellan! Yes, back to Moroes we must go!

Our first attempt was our best, so we went in using the same configuration and plan as that time. And surprise! After a few practice sessions, we got him down on our first retry. I was pretty sure we could, but the blast of negativity was hard to overcome.

Lesson: nothing comes easy, but if you apply yourself, eventually you will get it. As it was for K1.

One thing I've been watching is my DPS. I had respecced a while back to go BM/SV to get the trapping bonuses in the Survival tree. However, aside from the Moroes fight, we are relying less and less on hunter traps for crowd control in Kara. They are unpredictable and have an unpleasant cooldown component to them. This also has caused a bit of a drop in my DPS. Flora cleans the floor with me, as an example.

But it was driven home in a big way last night. Our RL is on his Huntard that was until recently specced MM. He respecced BM and is loving it, now, once he got pointed to BRK and found a good spec. Here's the thing: he went into the MM side for his off points. His gear is inferior to mine in most respects ... and he was pulling an additional 150 dps over me.

I was asking in officer chat ... which way would be best for the raid? I'm happy playing both, so it's not an issue. "Whatever spec you like, man." No, that was not the question. I am happy with both. But does the raid expect DPS or trapping most of all? That's the rub. If the improved trapping isn't buying us anything - or much of anything - then I am specced wrong.

Of course, if I change spec again, I'll have to visit Dr Boom with the bow again as well, and figure out which weapon gives me the best bang for the buck.