Monday, July 21, 2008

Run, little mageling!

Well, I don't think I will make it in time to be in K3 this week, but if all goes well, the week after that I will be level 70 and ready to roll. I would prefer to be keyed as well, but all in good time.

The deep frost spec continues to be superior for purposes of soloing, though there are still some mobs that cause my elemental butt some consternation (hello, lake things!). Once I hit 70 I will have to make a decision and adopt a raiding build, but it may well be what I have right now.

The main concern is mana, of course. Flora doesn't have this problem in Kara - she's turning in 3rd-place numbers on dps and yet never runs out of juice due to her felhunter sacrifice. I have no such luxury, so it's a good thing I have an alchemy degree to fall back on. Incidentally: The Botanica? I have to go THERE to get my mastery? Ugh.

Ice lance! Ice lance is pretty cool (hehe)! I am easily critting for 4K between ice lance and frost bolt when the mob is frozen in place, and I can usually toss a lance out right when a bolt goes, so they arrive almost together. BIFF! Good stuff!

I've been getting some decent drops from quests, even though they really don't match that well. Flora and the GL are right, Blizz is clearly testing us. I imagine they will move to lime green and yellow for WotLK. But seriously? These gloves? Oh my!

As of tonight, I am level 69, and wearing the very nice [Robe of the Crimson Order] that either Grimm or Flora gave me. Flora is still wearing this robe, so it is a good bet these will last me a long time.

I popped 69 in Hellfire Citadel, where I started out giving a L70 hunter a run for his money on the damage meters. It seems like he realized I brought a game with me and thus he got down to business, since he was ahead of me by 50 dps by the end of the instance. On the other hand, Grimm's always noticed his DPS tends to creep up and catch whoever the mages are, so maybe it's a function of burst versus sustained damage.

I'm a mage, not a mathematician.

I got one good drop out of Ramparts, and ticked off three quests, even better. I am now (as of this writing) 15% into level 70.

And then, we will be three.