Sunday, July 20, 2008

In which Flora finds out why DE on a hot key is bad

I rolled with K1 this week since Grimm was part of the K3/K2 group - not that I think there's much of a difference at this point (once Grimm gets his DPS game back). The main issue is that I bring a candy machine, and he doesn't.

The group was very strong today and we blazed through the front half (Opera was BBW) and back half, one-shotting everything in our path. Maiden was five-manned, with me, a tank, a DPS druid, and two healers left standing at the end. Aran was also five-manned, with two tanks, two healz, and the same druid once again. Prince went down like a bag of very ugly wet cement. Infernal drops were excellent.

Prince dropped my T4 head piece, and I won the roll. /cheer

It looks ... horrible. /boo

I mean, LOOK at it!

Our GL is of the opinion that Blizzard is making clothing as ugly as possible to see just how far we'll go for stats. Well, this is one benchmark. Happy, Blizz?

But seriously. MASKS? What is it with Blizzard and masks? Have you ever seen the rogue Tier 3 head piece? Looks like a respirator. A RESPIRATOR OF DOOOOM, but a respirator nonetheless. Your rogue looks like he just came home from a busy day of painting cars with a sprayer. And this hood? Seriously? Are we all to become shapeless lumps of gray crud with legs, is that the plan, Blizz?

:: mutter mutter mumble :: Thank the Light for the "hide helm" button. I sure hope they don't find a way to make a cape too hideous to look at.

But what is up with that? I worked hard for this helm! Why am I ashamed to see it?

Getting one's T4 gear should be a reason to celebrate. Instead, the stats are underwhelming and the looks are often ... hideous. Why did the Greench steal my Wintersday presents, mommie? That's what it feels like sometimes. This is built up in our minds to be the end all and be all of gear drops, and invariably they do not impress, or even repel us.

Sometimes itemization isn't the answer.

Now you are probably wondering about the title. Well, here's what happened. See, I do a lot of disenchanting, and it is a royal pain to hit the button then the item. Instead, with a hot key, I hover over the item and then hit the key, then click, and we're good.

Well, Curator dropped [The Staff of Infinite Mysteries], nobody wanted it, so I rolled and got it. I was just getting ready to swap it out when we got involved in an fight with some trash, and in all the excitement I hit the DE key before I selected the staff to equip it. Then there was a void crystal in my inventory.


I mean, I have a very strong feeling it would have ended up that way anyway when comparing it to both the sword and off-hand I currently have, but that's not the point. The point is that I sure don't want that to happen with something, I dunno, important!