Sunday, July 6, 2008

Illhoof, you're next!

What you see here is a group of ten very happy people. Netherspite went down on our first attempt last night.

In fact, the whole thing went faster than usual. We one-shotted everything but Moroes and Maiden; always problematic, those two, and I truly think they're looking out for our own good. "Wake up!", they say. "It's dangerous here! You could die!" And so we did.

But: Attumen, Curator, Aran, and Prince all got put to bed right off the bat, and that helps a lot to restore bruised egos and put us back on track. The back half went fast, and we overall finished a lot sooner than we usually do.

Apropos of nothing: I love how this game gives such lovely vistas. Here is the dining hall just before we started our "real" Moroes fight.

All right, analysis: this build is excellent, and in fact I have to watch it even with our main tanks. There was an amusing bit of conversation between our MT and OT I have to share:
OT: If Flora doesn't watch it we're going to have a dead waaarlock ....
MT: Then you need to TANK HARDER!

There are many reasons we drafted him into the officer corps and made him the K3 raid leader. Also: <3 .

Bravado aside, I came dangerously close to pulling off the MT, too, and that's scary. Normal damage flow isn't the problem, it's the crits. With Curse of Elements and Immolate on the mob, every Incinerate has a chance of popping 4500 damage, instantly. That'll get your attention.

To play it safe, I changed tactics. Instead of sacrificing my imp for +15% damage on bosses, I sacrifice a Felhunter instead. The Felhunter gives me 3% mana restore every 4 seconds. It's bottomless. It is absolutely bottomless. I had to spam Seed of Corruption to even make a dent in it.

Damage output was excellent at around 650 DPS on average. Top damage dealer of the team. I've come a long way in a short time.

Damn, it's good to be a warlock.