Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here we are again

Unfortunately, when K2 started up last night, there was a shortage of bodies, even with Flora in the group, so K3's raid ID was taken and we continued that fight starting at Opera.

While we had a few K3 people in the mix, it was mostly K2. With this group of people, we took down Opera (Oz), Aran, Curator, and Prince. Very nice!

No T4 hat, of course, nor [Legacy], but that's how we roll.

The interesting thing is that we have a dilemma. Both K1 and K2 are geared well enough to roll in to say hi to Mags or Gruul. Unfortunately, both of those groups are the same people, different toons, which means that we only really have ten viable individuals - and Mags and Gruul are, of course, 25-mans.

I hate that Blizz made it impossible for small, intimate little guilds like ours to get into endgame content like this. Mags, Gruul, TK, BT, and the Sunwell are nothing but remote dreams for us. If we don't pug in or get someone else to pug with us, we won't make it there.

One thing we have heard is that in WotLK we will have both 10 and 25 man raid versions of each raid instance. I think that's excellent. But I bet you doubloons to donuts that they will not retool any of the BC raid instances. Mags, TK, BT, and those guys will all remain 25 mans, and possibly ignored. Care to wager? Head over to Silithus and tell me how many AQ40s are going on at any given time. I'll wait, because it'll take a while for you to count to 'one'.