Thursday, July 3, 2008

He followed me home - can I keep him?

No Kara2 for me this week, it was overbooked and I volunteered to step aside. I'd rather just forgo any drama as well as make it easy on the GM.

The only real downside here is that I have to delay my analysis of this build for another time. But, so far it works OK - I just have to play it differently.

The good news is that this gave Grimm and I the opportunity to get cracking on his mount fund drive. For the first time ever, I set foot on Quel'Danas to start farming.

They give away free demons here! They have a holding pen for them and everything, right next to the armory! I haven't decided if I like the Hellion or Irespeaker more, and haven't tried the infernal or the Emissary yet (is he tamable?). But they are LOADS of fun.

BLIZZARD! I can't keep him! FIX that!