Sunday, June 1, 2008

You take a JUMP to the left ...

Well, another Kara raid has come and gone; we weren't at our best to start with but we eventually got into some sort of a groove. Opera was Oz, and the Crone did not drop Legacy. Hunter T4 gloves did not drop from Curator, but Prince dropped the T4 helm. Naturally, I lost the roll. Eventually we'll run out of people that need to roll against me, and then I'll be all set :: rubs hands together gleefully ::.

For our weekly attempt at Something Awful, we went for Netherspite, he of the beams of light. The way we were told to do it and the way I've read diverge in a great number of ways, which might explain why we did so hideously - but we always do on our first attempt. Now that we've sampled Illhoof, Netherspite, and Nightbane, it's time to decide on which one to 'own' and do so.

My damage output was third after a rogue that used to be in our guild but left to join a raiding guild, and our esteemed GL. I'm still contemplating ways to improve my performance, including going back to a bow if necessary.

Trapping: on the mobs leading up to Aran, I suck, there is no way around it. Well, partly because they are all casters, but also they resist a LOT. I'm wondering if maybe switching back to the BM/MM build is the better idea, but I'm still contemplating what that might mean from a trapping perspective.

Llewella was my pet in this raid - she's fully L70 now, so no level aggro. Now I have a decision to make; I need to free up a pet slot so I can train up a scorpid for PvP. To do so, I have to drop:
  1. Random, my constant companion from level 60 on up, loyal and true. Random is a Winter Saber from Winterspring, pure white in color, and always a solid performer.
  2. Llewella, my Ghost Saber from Darkshore. I tamed Llewella when the Great Ghost Wolf Nerf took place, to ensure that there would be Ghost Sabers in circulation, as well as a form of protest in solidarity with those that had or had planned to tame a Ghost Wolf.
  3. ImWithStupid, my ravager that I tamed outside of Toshley. He's intended as a strictly raiding pet for DPS purposes. I chose him over others because he has a wonderful tendancy to change colors and skins from one summoning to the next.

I have to think a bit about this, but right now I'm inclined to keep the cats and toss the bug. While the bug is a good candidate for raiding / DPS, he lacks the versatility of the cats, and since I'm aiming at a utility niche in my raiding, versatility is a good thing. But ... I'm not decided yet.

Finally: WWS finally got new user registeration working. If you've been wanting to use it but didn't have an account, you may now get one.