Friday, June 13, 2008

What can Red do for you?

Earlier this week I got the opportunity to go through Sethekk Halls for a shot at my Oblivion pants ((Does it amuse others as much as it amuses me to say I have "Oblivion pants?")) . While they did not drop, the first boss dropped a nice, tasty robe that will serve quite well until Murmur drops my Oblivion chest piece - Robe of the Crimson Order. And it's red! Totally, this matches the shoulders now! All I have to do is get something to replace this ugly cowl and I might be able to send out my Ebil Warlock Laughter without flinching once again.

The other reason for running Sethekk was to get the Shadow Lab key, which I did. No more waiting at the door!

Grimm ran Kara2 last night so I'm running with the main group again. I hope to bring more to the table than last time thanks to the new duds. The Curator encounter is my main concern, but hopefully we'll get him down again.