Friday, June 13, 2008

Warlock warlock burning bright

Kara2 got delayed by a day because we didn't have a full complement available on the appointed day. Last night we got critical mass and invites went out. We had 3 warlocks already so I was called in to provide ranged DPS.

This is my first foray with my new pants - Leggings of the Pursuit, which I purchased for 100 badges from the SSO vendor (speaking of which, there is now one behind the portal in Shatt, too).

The downside of these pants is that I had to replace my Beast Lord Leggings, and that meant that I had finally broken my DS3 2-piece set bonus - no shortened trap cooldown. That provided a bit of a dilemma, which the GL was able to suggest a solution for - carry about a bit of DS3 armor that I could swap in just for trapping. Such a bright gal she is. With Outfitter, I can hit a button and switch them in, then back out, just for trapping situations. I decided to go with the gloves. Still wearing the chest piece.

Our foray into Kara was a bit rough. We actually wiped on the way to Attumen and then on Attumen, and we almost wiped a second time after that. Our sticky pally tank was not giving up the aggro to the bear tank on Attumen, so he got beaten on by both. Also, for some reason, several people were beating on Attumen when they should have been beating on Midnight. I got killed on the second try and we lost 1/2 the raid so it didn't look good. The RL called out for a battle rez on me at that point, and I gleefully returned to filling the Huntsman with lead pellets.

Moroes was rocky and we're not entirely sure why. Our first wipe, we understand that a trapping assignment was not handed out for X so that caused much mayhem. The second attempt just puzzled me though; traps were breaking early, and non-trap CC was not holding, or was being resisted. I've never seen anything quite like it. I regrettably suggested that our warlocks were not paying attention and dotting everything, but now I don't think that's the case so I owe them a big appology. What can I say, I know Flora, and she likes to DoT everything that moves.

Fortunately, the rest of the evening was not so rocky - Maiden went down quickly without much fuss, and Opera (Oz) went well. Again, no Legacy. Our bear tank has started kidding me that it doesn't actually exist. Har har.

No Curator - too many people had to leave at that point - so no shot at my T4 this week. I imagine some reshuffling of personnel may be needed to even things back out. Won't live it down if Flora gets her T4 first! Hehe.

One thing I did like - top 3 DPS throughout the instance; our mighty MM hunter took a while to catch up, but eventually he passed me up, plus we had a high damage Warlock that kept me on my toes. It's a shame we didn't find time for Curator with DPS like that.