Sunday, June 8, 2008

Three Terrors!

This weekend marked my first excursion into our main Karazhan group, and while I think I did OK, there are many indications that I need to work on my gear some more, or something. I hate to say it but the raiding Demon spec may not be sufficient for some of the bosses we encounter. However, I may hang on to it long enough to get all my solo quests out of the way.

As is usual, weekends are when I work on skilling up my cooking, and in this case I needed to hit up some buzzards in Tanaris for eggs. In the process of doing so, I wandered by Uldum, one of three known sites that the Titans inhabited so long ago. This one is still sealed, but I have to wonder about the hole in the door.

Oh, and I had to share this with the world; who introduced mullet-toting psycho redneck uncles to Azeroth, and does this person or persons have an aversion to scorpions?

I mean, Stoley, my man? That guy is off the chain!

While getting keyed for Kara (because nothing says pathetic like a Lord of Death asking to be let in), Chrono Lord Deja dropped the Mantle of Three Terrors. Not only do I like the name, but check it out - there are smoldering dragon skulls on my shoulders now. What's not to like? I still have the bullet head hood, but this goes a long way towards soothing my aesthetic outrage.

In Kara, the loot gods were kind to the shammys, but I got a bit of loot as well. Grimm's girlfriend dropped the Bands of Nefarious Deeds, and Prince dropped the Adornment of Stolen Souls, as well as the Nathrezim Mindblade. I didn't roll on the latter initially because I knew several more senior people might want it, but in the end our newest mage rolled and got it. I rolled something like a 5 or 15, go figure.

So, about my performance? It really depends on who you ask. Replay was showing respectable numbers, 2nd or 3rd in DPS. WWS has me ... well, for the raid I have decent enough numbers, but on some bosses, all I can say is at least I managed to come in ahead of the tanks.

So I'll work on that.