Monday, June 30, 2008

Thoughts on my travels

I've finished my fire blossom gathering for this year, and netted a lot towards my epic flyer training. I am now around 600 gold short, a pittance if I put my mind to it. Flora and Illume are pitching in as well, which isn't complete altruism - I'm expected to help them out next


Hitting the Horde fires up required a lot of, er, "hoofing it" between flight points, and sometimes, you ended up seeing things you hadn't noticed before.

This little scene, taken from Thousand Needles, is one of them. The Elven signpost points you to friendly territory in Ferelas. It's been pushed aside in favor of the Tauren signpost. And might I add that I am very grateful for that signpost since it made it much easier to find the summer bonfire!

/cheer bureaucrats

Here's something else interesting. Ethel Rethor is one of those abandoned and forgotton places in the aptly named Desolace. Normally there isn't much going on here, but apparently these naga are working in conjunction with the ones up north at Black Fathom Deep. No quests point here, that I am aware of, unless this is the Horde equivalent (I don't think so).

We revisited Karazhan last night to attempt Netherspite again, with no luck. Our best result was with me filling a tanking slot on the red beam, although I died within seconds of starting that, so if you want to call that a winning strategy I'll just be Feigning on the other side of the door and save the repair bills, thank you.

My reading indicates that (a) we were on the right track with the idea of two tanks beam-dancing the red beam while DPS focused on the blue beam, and that (b) we were short one DPS for this purpose. We needed 4, we had 3. This group worked fine on Prince but Netherspite is very exacting.

Unfortunately we have one raider that is convinced that he knows what is going on here and has eaten massive amounts of raid time arguing in favor of unworkable strats. This is rubbing a few nerves raw, including our main tank. I'm not sure how much longer that's going to fly without an explosion taking place. On the bright side, no matter how much he gets in love with his own strats, if the GL lays down the law he has always toed the line so all we need to do is present next week's strat as "this is it, it will work so just do it" and he'll follow suit. Or so it went during the disheartening Moroes days.