Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sure, go ahead. Shoot.

I said, when I shifted from whatever it was to full on Demon spec, to shoot me if I ever decided to change specs again.

You might want to chamber a round.

I am experimenting. I've already tried a more or less straight Affliction build with some Demo and Destro overtones, and that frankly sucked. Demon times too slow, stamina too low. I like the build otherwise, but I am looking for up-front damage.

Right now I am running with a Floramel Original, a mostly Affliction build with strong Demon roots. Not strong enough to get my beloved felguard back, but strong enough to give me 10K health and mana, plus all the goodies that an Afflic warlock brings to the table.

If I am not happy with this by Tuesday, I'll shift to a Destro build for Kara2.

Mostly, this was brought about by the realization that in our last Kara run, our GL brought 21% of the damage to the table with at least 6 DPS types participating. That means somebody was not putting food on her plate. While I expect another frost mage to deliver numbers similar to hers, the fact is that if that's not happening, somebody needs to pick up the slack. That would be me, your most humble and evil Warlock servant.

By the way; one of our Pallis gave me a wonderful gift tonight, corraling a dozen or so mobs at a time and letting me plink away with SoC. I may GLEEEE myself to death.

Evil check: passed.