Sunday, June 8, 2008

Running through darker places

Flora was gathering supplies in the Plaguelands this weekend and got all nostalgic for the days of old of Lorderan. That got me thinking about my visit to Grim Batol, but also game me an idea for another tour of another abandoned place: The Scholomance.

Now while it is true that Scholo is not actually abandoned like Grim Batol is, it's pretty much unattended except for the occasional warlock wanting to get special supplies for the Dreadsteed quest.

But here's the thing. Before the events that took place at Scholo, the Kingdom of Lorderan covered this half of the continent, from Stratholm to the north to the great bridge going into Kaz Modan to the south, and from sea to sea. And yet, all of that has fallen, the humans are scattered south of Kaz Modan now, or on another continent, and nothing will ever be the same, all because some mad alchemist invented the Scourge in this very spot.

So I set off for Caer Darrow to see if a L70 Hunter could run the instance.

Truth be told, I was able to manage all of it except for Dr. Rostov or whatever his name is. He doesn't have an aggro table, so all my normal tricks don't work. And I have a suspicion that if I really, really tried, I could take him down as well. but it didn't seem to really be worth the effort to figure that out. Perhaps another time.

I do have to ask: why's the "Headmaster's Study" appear to be a giant tomb?

To finish off the night I took out Alexi Borov in Horde territory. There were a dozen hordies awaiting Allies coming in to off him; see, to off Barov you have to flag PvP; but I outsmarted them and pulled him in an unexpected direction. I was able to kill him and get back into friendly territory before they closed in and finished me off.

Yay me.