Thursday, June 5, 2008

Overpopulated? Not over here!

I'm bemused at the moment about how people are claiming that the Hunter class is overpopulated. Can't seem to prove it in our Kara raids. Take last night as an example; we had three warlocks and no hunters for our Kara2 group. It was not looking good for Moroes, who requires at least one token trapper to keep Brave Sir Robin or whoever under control.

So, Flora kind grew up a little last night when it was decided that she would go with Kara1 this weekend, and I'd sub in for her to provide CC.

Now, it's a good example of how close our 2nd group is to being up to speed with the first group when one notes (a) how few times I had to worry about pulling aggro off the tank, and (b) we 9-manned Attumen and Moroes.

On the other hand, our strat and cohesiveness nearly falls apart on Romulo & Julianne (Opera) and we seem to lack sufficient firepower to get Curator down even with me in the mix.

To be honest I don't know what happened on Curator - with three locks and huntard that is pretty much maxxed out for Kara (short my T4 pieces) it is hard to say where we fell short.

One big difference between K2 and K1: no mage in K2. Almost makes me want to kick Illume into high gear again. But I doubt she'd get there before K2 downs Prince.