Saturday, June 21, 2008

No K2 for me this time

Wednesday's Kara 2 run happened without me, as there was a record turnout for it. I volunteered, as much as I wanted to go in there and light Attumen on fire. They got Oz and the hat dropped, but apparently there is some issue with that and a ticket has been opened.

But - good news! They downed Curator! Now, this was with aid of our GL's main mage, our guild's DPS leader, but I think that she felt that they needed the boost. Personally I feel we/they were on the edge of making it anyway, but she's been doing the GL thing longer than I've existed, so we'll go with that.

As you can tell, I did manage to get rid of my bullethead hood and replace it with something a little less ugly. However, I had forgotten the makeover in 2.4 that gives me this 2000 yard Killer Barbie Doll stare now. Oblivion Hood can't happen too soon!

I'm hoping that the GL will let me in on the front half of Kara tommorrow (well maybe not Moroes, though I wants the belt, precious!) and let Grimm handle the back, or something like that, but we'll see.