Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Light My Fire

Well, this is a bit overdue, sorry about that.

I did, indeed, participate in our main Kara run on Saturday, for most of the bosses. Grimm did Curator because he still has vain hope of getting his gloves, but it was not to be. In fact, there was precious little loot for our clan this time around; a cloak dropped but I lost the roll, and Curator dropped his staff, but of course Grimm was on that one.

The good news is that we one-shotted everything except for Moroes, and at least one of the fails there was a simple mis-step. Our GL was playing her priest instead of her mage, and as is usual when toon-hopping, hilarity ensues.

Sunday we took several whacks at Netherspite. We are doing a lot better, but there are too many competing theories on this fellow for the team to actually be a team as of yet. I of course have my theories too, and they all revolve around "just worry about the green beam"

I am a little confused on the banish phase. I am studying. One thing I know is that I get abused by that sucker every time I attack him in banish phase. But apparently I need to lay down the DPS during that phase.

I am learning more about my new spec. I never noticed that Incinerate was reliant on Immolate for greater damage potential, but it is. So my attack pattern now evolves to [Curse of Elements] - [Immolate] - [Incinerate] - [Incinerate] - [Incinerate] - [Conflagrate] - [Immolate] - [continue]. With breathing room for Life Tap and self-healing if needed.

I've also taken to killing off my imp for the +fire damage.

Note a distinct lack of Curse of Doom in there. Here's the deal: with no improved curse, CoD does what, 6K max? I do that with two incinerates back to back. But if I use CoD, I don't get CoE, which means my overall damage actually is less when I use CoD. I'll still save it for special occasions, but it's an afflic spell, not destro, and destro is where my damage is now. Play your spec, peeps, not somebody else's.

Having said that; I feel a bit overgeared for someone just getting into Kara, and yet I still cannot hold my own with our senior damage dealers in the room. Granted they have had more time to get geared, but it's not even close.

And yet. I have this unfortunate tendancy to pull aggro, and precious little aggro management tools. I think I've had this discussion before.

It was especially noticeable last night when we went for Ahune and, later, a regular Arc run. Neither run was a total success, but I was a bit surprised that I needed to scale back my damage output to allow our palli to hold on to mobs. Unexpected. I need to gauge my performance with our of our main tanks, but if I can't maximize my damage output without breaking aggro, I might as well go back to full on Demo or Afflic.

Was pointed at a spec a while back that did "insane damage". I looked at it recently and was stricken by how my own spec has more or less evolved into his, right down to the level of exploitation of the Demo tree. There are subtle differences, and I may merge them into my own spec, but they are very subtle.