Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's been a long wait

Well, it's been a very long wait to get my first Tier 4 piece. Even Flora got one ahead of me. But, by golly, I got mine today.

Nobody else wanted it.

I rolled a '1'.

These are the kind of stories that you tell your children. Assuming you can have children, after, that is.

Of course, as was the case with Flora, the gloves themselves aren't that great. You need more T4 gear to get more T4 gear, though.

My T4 helm token dropped, too, but since I'd already gotten the gloves, our gnome mage got first option on that (she hadn't gotten anything).

Prince did leave me a prezzie under the tree, however: the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix. This is probably one of the last ranged weapon upgrades I get unless Tuskbreaker drops in ZA, and I'm not entirely sure even then. I'm keeping my Wolfslayer just in case.

My damage output was not what it should have been right at the start. I am unsure what has changed since it certainly hasn't been gear. I'm wondering if an undocumented change took place on the timers again. At any rate, once I started focusing more on letting autoshot proc before kicking off an aimed shot, I improved substantially. Overall DPS was 600-ish and peak was near 900-ish.

I had planned an experiement for next week to test a variation out, but now that I have the bow that will have to be set aside and the experiment reset. Apples and apples.

We are short warlocks in K1, and heavy with them in K2. I would prefer to bring Flora to K1 rather than compete for a spot in K2, but then we'd have no hunter in K1. I may wait until K3 and move one or the other there. Right now, if K3 started this week, I could probably move Flora there and K2 would still have enough people.

I am less than 800 gold away from my epic flyer training. Go me.