Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

My quest for higher DPS took a disturbing turn this week.

First of all, I tried my hand at a more Affliction-oriented build. I love that build. But it sucks, and hard, when it comes to raw DPS. I can take on any number of beasties without pulling aggro and still crank it up when I need to, but it doesn't put out the kind of DPS I think I can be capable of, and definitely not that of someone wishing to fill a DPS role in a raid.

The second disturbing revelation was gear-oriented. One of the more comforting things about my lack of damage output was that I'm new to the 70's game and "just as soon as I get my Oblivion Set everything will be all right".

I started looking around and realized; aside from the head piece, Oblivion does nothing for me. In fact, in some cases I need to go T5 to find improvements for myself. I knew something was up when I got my T4 gloves and they appeard to be a downgrade to what I was wearing at the time.

There are a few drops in Kara that will be quite nice (I'm looking at you, Moroes), but in many cases I'm going to have to crank up my Arena or PvP work, go to ZA, or start working Tier 5 pieces.

Couple this with the fact that my damage out is significantly less than I think it should be and you have a very unhappy gal on your hands, and oh, by the way she hangs out with demons so let's get with the sympathy, peeps.


Last night I went and respecced to a demon/demo build that may, in fact, be quite doable. I went with a fire spec so I could end the problem of what curse to use in raids - now I'll use Curse of Elements, and both myself and the mages (frost or fire, doesn't matter) in the group will benefit. If we have another lock that wants to go Curse of Shadow, won't be a problem.

The good news is that in very limited testing, this appears to be quite the tasty setup for killing things with fire.

We have Kara tonight, so hopefully I'll find out if this is all worth it.