Monday, June 30, 2008

Where do I get one of these?

With Grimm and Flora hitting the upper limit of what one can get out of the Midsummer festivities, I'm pitching in as best I can to get that epic flyer fund topped off, as well. Unfortunately, in a way, it isn't as great a contribution as theirs for two reasons.

(1) I am not level 70, so I actually earn XP on these - and that reduces the cash reward.

(2) I haven't been to all the places in Outlands that have bonfires, and getting there may be dangerous for me at level 65.

On #1: on the other hand I am netting ridiculous amounts of XP on these, pushing me towards 66 even faster (I have some great stuff in the bank for 66).

On #2: Can't hurt to try, and every new area is more XP.

I'm actually quite capable of hitting all the spots on Azeroth though, so I started the Illume World Tour in the traditional place for such things - Light's Hope Chapel. They don't have a bonfire, but they're close to the entrance to The Ghostlands, and that gives me access to Eversong Woods. I was amused to see that even at 65, there were several Strat and Scholo quests available to me still.

On my way back, I hit up the four towers just to flip them back to Alliance. I got a few XP and honor out of that, which is fine by me. The northwestern tower is my favorite; after you turn it, you have access to a flight point that will take you to any other tower on the wings of an ethereal gryphon.

This should be a special quest reward or something so that people could have one of these in Outlands.

Naxxaramis overhead, as usual, creeps me out.

I always make it a point to thank the Horde for the XP and cash as I leave. I do appreciate it. One level 6 Sindorai hunter gets special attention for his temerity in Brill. That was stupid. Gutsy, but stupid. I gave a /salute and then ... say hello to Mr Icebolt.

Well, if he doesn't learn better, he'll keep on doing it!

I also sang his praises in the /yell channel in case any Human-speaking denizens were about. He deserved recognition.

I finished the night in Ironforge, making potions and storing herbs gathered in my adventures. Tomorrow I finish off Azeroth if at all possible, and move on to Outlands. I expect to pop 66 along the way.