Saturday, June 28, 2008


Blizzard has an event going on in Paris this weekend, and some of the news is very exciting.

Hunter Pet Rewrite

The big news for hunters is that pet training points are going away - poof! - to be replaced with an actual pet talent tree. They are talking Tanking, DPS, Utility for this.

Of course, we already had this, in a way, before Blizz started converging pet abilities to the point where it was hardly worth going for a specific pet type any more. All cats are cats, all bears are bears, and raptors are essentially scaly cats now.

What's worse: we move further away from that. Instead of going with a turtle pet for maximum tanking, can you now train your cat to tank as good as a bear?

One of the great things about the pet types is that each brought a lot to the table, and some individuals brought a little extra, as well. But over time, this has all been homogenized away.

I hope I'm wrong. I hope it's awesome.

Steady Shot and clipping Autoshot

Steady shot will no longer clip autoshot, essentially they will be on seperate timers.

I welcome this, surely, but it seems to me that hunter shot rotations are already pretty solid. This seems a little OP to me - if steady shot no longer clips autoshot, what changes? It seems to me that the skills necessary to decide between, say, a 3:2 rotation versus 1:1 rotation will no longer be necessary. Knowing the difference between a bow and a gun and how to get the most out of them doesn't seem like it will be important. Autoshot will run on its clock, and steady on its. Seems like the tard element is getting a boost.

Yes at times I can be an elitist jerk. Booyah.

Gnome Death Knight

Officially: yes.

In fact, the Lich King is not too particular.

Demonic Circle

The warlock can create a circle on the ground, and then return to it at need.

This sounds a lot like the Diablo Recall mechanism in action for Warlocks. Again, I am concerned at what appears to be a class-imbalancing thing. Don't get me wrong, Flora will love this. But right now, this is one perk of being a mage above a warlock. On the other hand, mages have portals, so maybe it evens it out.

Demon Form

The 51-point Demonology tree talent will be Demon Form - the warlock will actually become a demon rather than summon one. Blizz hints it will resemble Illidan a lot.

So will this give warlocks a viable position in the tanking business? In a way it sounds a lot like Felguard, except you can't sit off to one side and cast additional spells while the 'guard does the damage. Makes me wonder what use it is? Oh, except for the AoE Shadow Bolts. Hmmmmm....

Also: if a doom walker costs the death of a soul, what pray tell will this boon cost?

Druid CC

Some of the most welcome news is that druids' CC spell will no longer be outdoor-only.

Overall, quite the sensation. I am looking forward to the next expansion.