Sunday, June 29, 2008


So if I come off a little (more) meglomaniacal for a while, it's because of my new Galactus Helm with built in headlight.


The Silver Surfer should totally be my minion now.

This was a drop in Heroic Ramparts, an excursion featuring myself, two mages, a priest, and a palli. I was rather surprised and somewhat pleased with my output. It's obvious that in a heroic instance, I can hold my own with the big dogs; in a raid, I am still hurting on spell hit, and so a lot of resists. Currently at 80 spell hit. Not good.

Until I can get that hit rating up, anything that happens in Kara is irrelevant in terms of whether I should stick with this spec or not. Right now, everything outside of Kara points at a different spec. But until I can get the same hit and crit rate that I get outside of Kara, I am not comparing apples and apples.