Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There's no place like home

Our 2nd Kara group rocked the house tonight. 3/3 front-side bosses one-shotted (though Moroes was rough) and Opera (Oz) one-shotted. We did not down Curator, but I felt a lot better about it this time than in the past. We had a solid crew, just trying to find our way now.

Performance Anxiety

My overall performance was excellent; by my ticker I was #1 DPS at 650 DPS average. Note that it's probably more like 550 once you factor out Seed of Corruption. On the other hand, that's part of the package, isn't it?

This spec is really working well for me. The Firelock proponents aren't going to make much of an impression on me if I can hold my own with the prime crew in K1, which is the acid test as far as I'm concerned. Right now, though, I'm all grins.

I am annoyed at my performance on Moroes and, really, all bosses. A lot of spell resists going on. I need to improve my +spell hit rating like nobody's business. I don't do damage if I don't hit, and a resist on Curse of Doom breaks the heart, it really does.

Spam the Seed

I am developing a strategy for Seed of Corruption that is really dynamite. Basically instead of spamming the same target, you keep moving target to target and spam SoC. Eventually one blows, and it usually sets off all the others. If the mobs can survive 3-4 of those suckers chained, you shouldn't be dropping SoC on them. This technique really worked well for the groups leading to Moroes and the mana beasties prior to Curator.

At any rate, the goal here is to perfect the technique for Illhoof. This is where a lock shines. Imagine the unholy amounts of damage multiple SoCs can cause in that situation; all those imps popping like Gremlins at dawn. Even Illhoof himself will start to sting.

A lovely Singing Voice

Our Opera event was Oz. We had two locks, and the other lock stole all my thunder in the Fear department, keeping Rawr on the run for more than the required interval. He might be undergeared, but he understands certain mechanics very well. I just wish I'd realized he'd own it so well, I would have focused elsewhere with both eyeballs.

He earned his reward: Trial-fire Trousers dropped, and since I already had them, he was welcome to them. Besides, the other drop was the fabbo Ruby Slippers. We wanted them, precious. So badly that we rolled a natural 100. Bet I don't see another roll like that for a year. Yes, we wanted them. They lit up Rating Buster across the board with + stam, + damage, + spell hit, and +mana. We are purring, yes we are.

To add icing to the cake, I popped Revered with the Violet Eye and upgraded my ring.

This unit is going down

Curator poses an interesting problem, but suggestions are piling in that I should move from shadow bolts to Searing Pain since it has a shorter cast time for the flares. Well, I'm game. It was taking me all of two shadow bolts to take them down over six seconds, but with people moving around and the chain lightning, things got out of hand.

We'll try again tomorrow if we can get the bodies.