Sunday, May 11, 2008

That's what it's all about

Yesterday's Kara run was rough. Oh, we one-shotted the Front Four and Curator (It was Oz, the Crone did not drop my favorite vaporware axe, and while Curator dropped my T4, I lost the roll, but "foshizzle" I shall return). That was fine. And we three-shotted Aran, which isn't unexpected, and Prince did lay upon us the pwnage, but hey we've only downed him twice so far.


Our MT lost his connection just after Oz, and never came back. Our backup tank had to put on his big boy pants and serve up the hot and spicy threat in large packages. There is quite a challenge in getting used to a new tank and him getting used to being the main tank in Kara. For the most part he did pretty well, broadly speaking. He needs to learn the principle of reliable positioning and why it's such a big deal, but outside of that, it's going to be gear and more gear.

The other difficult part of this day was trying - and not being too successful at - chain trapping those damned ghosts on the way to Aran's library.

I am currently at 41/8/12 for my build, meaning that I went 12 points into the Survival tree to get Clever Traps. I'm thinking of going 2 more points in to get Trap Mastery 2/2, which means in reality I'd need 5 more points in SV to get it. The next tier of trap talents is beyond my means at 25 points into the SV tree - at least until WotLK comes out. The final build would look something like this: clicky for candy. I'll have to think it over a bit.

Now this is likely to impact my damage output. Our RL pointed out last night that I was 1st overall in damage out, which is significant considering who else was there. For the record, my overall DPS had me at 3rd or 4th behind our mage RL and a couple of wicked crazy enhancement shammies.

But the point is that I don't necessarily care if it does or not. While a hunter's main job is sustained ranged DPS, our CC utility is also necessary to the survival of the raid. Right now I'm not in love with the idea of losing DPS, but I'm more interested in meshing with the raid.

Besides, I'm drawing wicked aggro :)

The down side is that the loss of 3 ranks in IHM affects the entire raid, including melee. So I have serious misgivings about doing that.

Must ponder.