Saturday, May 24, 2008

The sound of Ultimate Suffering

Terrible, terrible! Once again, the T4 gloves have been denied to me by the fickle hand of fate. Happenstance has not been my friend. In short, I rolled "19" on my T4 gloves. Very sad. The sound that echoed throughout the castle was indeed the Sound of Ultimate Suffering, but I am made of tough stuff. I will endure, I will recover. And I will get my dice checked.

At any rate, a hearty heartfelt /gratz to our esteemed guild leader who must have haxxored the roll for fairly won the T4 gloves this time around.

This will be applied on top of the already heinous amounts of damage that she brings to the table. Seriously, the gal's been eating her wheaties, and it's paid off handsomely. Naturally, I can't take this sitting down. I have the honor of our class to uphold. Also it's a tiny bit ego.

This was Llewella's first trip into Karazhan, and I must say I am disappointed in the amount of XP she got for this excursion. Also, at level 68, there was an unforseen side effect; she pulled aggro on Shade before we were ready. Twice. Not pretty. And we of course had no idea what was going on at first until the GL realized what was happening. Not only deadly, but smart, she is!

The Huntard Hat is glued firmly to my head - while clearing the dining room, I sent the cat into one of the tables that we were not working on. No wipe occurred this time around, at least.

The raid was missing some key members and we lost others as we went along, but one replacement from outside the guild has potential and has been told that the door is always open if he wants to find another home.

Synopsis: Attumen, Moroes, and Maiden one-shotted. Opera was R&J and was one-shotted after a close call on a missed shield bash. Curator was one-shotted. Aran was three-putted, maybe four, due to premature starts, but once we were all in place and ready to go we got him down. Prince was thre-putted, and there was no huntard love.

We may try one of the remainders tonight. K2 is also scheduled for more work today, so this will be interesting.