Sunday, May 11, 2008

Running darkly through ancient places

It's been a while since I really had much to say. Since the Barbie Eye incident, not much exciting has taken place. I guess I need to get a newer pic up since my outfit has actually gotten uglier. I look like an X-man villian of the week, maybe "Bullet Head". Pic soon, I promise.

So what's the haps?

My schedule generally looks like:
  • Weekdays: knock another non-elite quest off the list of incomplete ones I have; pick up an SSO daily if it happens to be in the same area.
  • Monday: 5v5 Arena night
  • Wednesday: Kara 2 (Junior Birdmen) run.
  • Thursday: K2 continued, or not.
  • Friday: off.
  • Saturday: Work on leveling cooking
  • Sunday: Work on leveling fishing.

Those last two are shameful. I should be farming mana motes or something for my Frozen Shadow Weave set, but since I slacked all through my life in that regard, now it's time to pay the piper.

On the other hand, it leads me to interesting places. More about that anon.

Spec Spanking

So I've been trying different specs. I've seen other locks in Kara rocking the house on the DPS front and have been envious. Rather than kill them and steal their gear (soulbound, go figure) I thought I'd try a few new specs out. Our GL recommended a hybrid Firelock build she saw in use. I tried pure affliction. I tried many things.

In the end I'm back on my Demonology build, modified for raiding. And if I ever consider leaving again, somebody should shoot me. The numbers are not as impressive as they are for a straight destro build or destro/afflic build, but what I lack there I make up in utility and sustainability.

But let me comment on the runners up.

My 2nd favorite is Affliction. The curse enhancements, the shadow enhancements, and the ability to drain the life out of an opponent over time are all great. However, while sustainable it has little in the way of serious damage.

My least favorite is the destro build. Oh, I am loving the 4 and 5K crits. Don't get me wrong. Nothing warms my heart like watching an opponent burst into flames like a kerosene-soaked rag. But there is next to no aggro management, which means you either burn down the opponent quickly, or wear them.

In a raid, Affliction is very helpful as long as we bring some "real" DPS along. The Destro build is a raid-buster, though. Sure, you get your e-peen on. But you make your tank's life miserable and possibly wipe the raid every time you spike over the tank's threat with a 5K critical shadow bold. Just get over it, it's a bad idea unless you have the stickiest, most annoying tanks in the game. Most people get one but not both.

What's cooking?

To get my cooking up today I needed Mystery Meat. This drops from scorpids, with nearly a 60% drop rate in Uldaman. After a bit of unsuccessful scraping by in Desolace, I decided to go ahead and brave the ancient Titan habitat, which rendered up 20 meats and a potpourri of greens and blues - all which were BoP.

Evil Check

I failed the Evil Check, but it was for good reason. Going in to Uldaman, there was some kid trying to get me to "run him through", even offered me money.

What I DID was decline and then ignore his later pleas.

What I SHOULD have done was take his money, run him to the final boss, let him realize that it takes 3 people to complete and 3 to summon, then leave him sitting there and wishing him luck getting out before the repops started.

But I didn't want to expose the fact that I wasn't really that familiar with the instance. Nothing says "pathetic" like EVIL WARLOCK LAUGHTER followed by "Uh, which way was the next boss again?"

We're going to need a new Timmy

On the other hand, I did run little Timmy the orphan over the dam. Don't worry, I fished him back out and showed him Grim Batol afterward.

Hey, get off my case. Grimm dragged his through Karazhan. I have proof.

Later, droogies.