Sunday, May 18, 2008

Now that's a ride

Yesterday's Kara run was made with a couple of newbies in tow, and, all other things considered, they did well. The rogue had some decent damage output, and the druid was able to handle a variety of tasks without anyone yelling "OMG OH NOEZ XXXX is loose!". That, as usual, is reserved as my domain.

Front four: one-shotted everything but Opera, which was R&J, but we got them on our second try. Curator went down like the price of beads after Mardi Gras.

Aran: One shotted, but this time we got him down before he sheeped us. I figure this is because one of our back half replacements was a killer enhancement shammy and another was a former guildie that is now part of "that other guild" I've spoken of before. Between them they brought mad wicked DPS.

Prince: 5 frakking percent. Phase 3. 2/3 of my damage output was done in by those damned axes. I Feigned twice to try to get them to go elsewhere, but that was not happening. I wonder if there's a way to get them to go elsewhere? Maybe bring in the pet? Err... well, mine died because I was too distracted. More research is required.

Attumen dropped something nice and our GL won the roll: Midnight!

We had to run right outside and see her try it on. /salute

Speaking of rides, I found myself in an interesting situation a couple of nights ago and failed to mention it. Finishing up the first two dailies on the Isle, I cut through the courtyard to the Sunwell and aggroed ... well, a few friends, including a warlock or three. One of them let loose with Incinerate and I found out that a swift riding ram is faster than the Speed of Pain. I managed to get a screenshot of it (yes, there are a few other demons on my tail back there, too).

With luck, Prince tonight.