Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flowers may be sent to ...

Kara2 tonight had us wipe once on Moroes and once on Maiden, but we took the front 3 down in fairly good time. My damage output was in the mid 650s, and that was with a more experienced Lock in the group. The general consensus in O chat was that the other lock was slacking, and I'm good with that. There is no way that a newb 70's lock can overcome one with that much more experience and accompanying gear.

I got my first Arena goody this week - Vengeful Gladiator's Endgame is my new offhand. There was some talk of getting the big pink glowing dildo staff, but this offhand plus the dagger from the other vendor gives me a bigger health base, which means more potential mana.

Moment of heartbreak on Moroes - Nethershard Girdle dropped, and I was beaten on the roll. Next time, Gadget. Next time.

Clan Grimmtooth, and thus our guild, has a tradition called the Huntard Hat, which dates back to Grimmtooth Mk 1 (a Warrior) in 2005 (there's a great story that goes with that). This hat is earned by wiping the group in a spectacular fashion. Up to a point, our feral druid was earning that hat by pulling a group when she killed a spider (spider aggro = group pull, who knew?). But, while we were preparing for the 2nd table in the Moroes room, I inadvertently targeted the *other* table, and pulled not only them but Moroes and his cronies as well. I've never seen around 30 elites aggroed at once, charging right for me, but it was enough to get me running out of the room at top speed, and I did make it out the door. Some serious Leeroy Jenkins stuff, and also doubling as my token Evil Check. The Hat has been retained by the clan.

There was much debate over my spec. I feel that a firelock spec that pulls aggro off of our best tanks is useless since I end up dead on the floor. Our shammy/pally lead thinks otherwise. However, he's having some aggro control issues with his shammy, so maybe he's not quite Getting The Point.

It is not all about DPS. It is about damage over time when you are a warlock, and I think that my performance in this run speaks volumes. This is why I run with a damage meter. Not for the e-peen. But for the data. If I did not have hard data backing my convictions up, I would possibly respec on his say so and end up with one of those toons that everyone laughs about out loud and swears at in private chat with the raid leader. We have enough of those.

There may be a time when I do respec Destro anyway. But only when our guild produces a tank capable of holding aggro against serial 8K crit shadow bolts, which is what I produced a couple of weeks ago with that buld.