Monday, May 19, 2008

Fire on High

Our intrepid raiders gathered once again on Sunday to continue our run against the forces of ebil. This time around it was a 100% guild group. We took down Prince on our first try. No T5 Rogue required.

The Infernal drops were incredibly favorable, and the nasty ol' axes gave me a break. I also didn't try steady shot while they were banging on me so that helped keep the damage flowing into his frail, demonic body. It was a very business-like attack, and that usually means we fare well as a group. No huntard love, but a few other guildies were grinning afterwards.

The most amusing thing is that this fight started by mistake - the main tank pulled him accidentally. Fortunately, we were all on the terrace when it started.

When coming off a high point like that, nothing puts it all in perspective like an attack on an even more annoying foe, so off we went to visit with none other than:

Yep, Mr. Skelly Lizard. And he showed us the door. We need to learn this fight, for sure. Still, as the GL pointed out, we got him to 81% so that's progress of a sort. Hehe. To me, it was all a blur.

Next time, lizard. Next time.