Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Blizzard unleashed the Mighty Banhammer today and several of my guildmates were caught up in the network. The word on the streets is that they were going after Glider users; something that I'm sure wasn't be used by my guildie. 3 accounts? Check. Two-boxing? Check. But I can't wrap my little elven head around how two of those accounts were 'botting' and the other was not, even though all three use the same machines.

The big disaster for us is that one of the banned accounts contained our best-geared Kara healer.

Our GL has sent out the word; as of today, Jasra here is on the fast track to level 70. Naturally, I have a number of concerns, not the least is that I've never been a dedicated healer in a group before. I'm currently geared Shadow and will stay so until I hit 70 or so, but practice sessions along the way are going to be required.

Tonight my first exposure to this was Mauradon. I did allow one of our mages to die once, but otherwise kept peeps healed. Granted they were all overpowered for this instance. Key here is that I get used to the mindset involved.

Right now my main issue is overhealing - in Kara this will not fly, I will need to watch my mana consumption.

This is going to be interesting.