Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where did that come from?

Our little guild has seen an influx of new faces over the past two weeks, starting with one warrior who is level 70 but needs gearing, but has a pretty great attitude. She's been bringing in people she knows, so our officer corps is facing a lot of time to evaluate peeps over the next few weeks. The good news is that I should, in theory, not be a fatal cog in our Kara raiding schedule - if I can't make it, we should have no problem finding peeps. Yesterday, we had enough bodies on to theoretically go for Gruul, not that we did, but that's 25 peeps on at once! Unheard of with us.

Yesterday the world servers died as the raid was prepping - just after I logged, possibly, although I accept no responsibility for the incident. The down time afforded me just enough time to complete my tasks for the day and get back on, and I was invited to raid, hooray!

Attumen and Maiden (heya, toots!) went down without any problem. Moroes gave us fits again. I drew duty trapping Brave Sir Robin; I can get three traps off but then I die. He hits too hard for my usual nursing the trap and taking an occasional hit exercise. The GM suggested that she had read about how one could trap Robin by putting distance between trapping spots - a method I approve of but which met with confusion and jeering the first time I tried it (not from her, but others). Well, OK. First time I died on the third trap because Robin resisted it and I didn't think "kite it you idjit!" fast enough. I wanted to try that again so instead of switching strats, we tried it again. Well, it was dicey but we took the goon down that time, so I am going to put this down in my book of tricks. Each fight is a lesson.

Opera was the Big Bad Wolf. I tried a new strat of placing a frost trap to slow him down. I don't know if it worked or not but we didn't lose any gnomes until I died (drew aggro, bad dorf). We had four people still up at the end of that one, two of them healers. Our GM got gnomed twice, both times in succession, first and second time in the event.

He didn't drop the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle for me, but I've started getting cynical that the item even exists at this point. I think Blizz is toying with me over that.

This week, as with last week, I had the honor of opening the Opera event, which consists of stripping nekkies and talking to the stage manager so we can find out what the event is. In the event that it is NOT BBW, my job is to either die or fake it convincingly so that the event resets. I'm glad I've paid attention when others were doing it, or it might end badly.

Curator was bugged. He had an Arcane blob stuck in the pillars that would still drain mana but which was not engagable. Fighting Curator on that end of the room was a wipe. He didn't even evoke or drop as many as 10 flares, it was completely and utterly bugged. So: we moved to the other end of the room and mugged him as he walked in. The bug didn't reach that end of the room, so we one-shotted him as far as I am concerned.

Next was a very matter-of-fact attack on Shade of Aran that was as smooth as they come. Casualties were minimal on our side, and Aran ended up on the floor. While not a 100% upgrade, his drop of the Saberclaw Talisman was gratefully accepted by yours truly because it was an upgrade in most ways that count.

Chess was a repeat of the bug they hit two weeks ago: when a person's piece dies or is abandoned, that person ends up teleported to the Menagerie. Two weeks ago this ended with several people not getting badges at all! They appear to have that part fixed now, but we still get teleported.

Putting on my QA guy's hat for a second: I don't want to see Blizzard's code. Not ever.

On the up side, I got my second bit of epic lewt on this one: Fiend Slayer Boots. This is short on one attribute but otherwise is filthy good for huntards, so when nobody else rolled I gladly did so. With the right gems these will be an outright upgrade in all ways, so it's all good.

We are going to try Illhoof and maybe Nightbane tonight. I hope to be there.