Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday Kara Run

Behold the new Floramel with the Blizzard-augumented 2000-yard stare. For crying out loud, I spent a lot of time getting the right look before hitting "OK". They've totally trashed it.

Our guild fielded its first edition of the Junior Birdmen Kara Klub tonight, and we had a full group and then some. I would have taken Flora out if needed - I'm not sure she's really up for it yet - but didn't need to. Feedback I am getting says that maybe she IS up to it, but I'm so used to Grimm that it's hard to be objective.

I've been watching other warlocks for a while so I tried to do what I am guessing is expected of them. My imp was out and passive to provide the +STAM to everyone. I put a soul stone on a healer. I made Lock Candy for the raid. I don't have party buffs, but at least I have that.

We one-shotted Attumen. I was completely shocked at this turn of events. Our "A Team" crowd, if I am interpreting correctly, wiped on Attumen at least once this past weekend. Nobody in this crowd (aside from one pally) is really Kara geared.

Speaking of which: Harbinger Bands. Not the 100% best bracers for a lock to have, but quite acceptable, and better than what I had in all ways except for Stamina. And that's fine.

Maiden is of course a special source of pain. On the road there, I got to unlimber my demon banishing skills. I have to say that the Banish spell is a lot more effective than any other CC I have seen. Once the demon is banished, you can't break it. That's cool! The down side of course is that it only works for demons, but as far as I am concerned, that's small potatoes.

Once we got to Maiden, of course, we learned how to get spanked. Our tank is still getting the finesse worked out on centering the Maiden in the circle, our healers are still working out how to time the Repentance periods so as to get within her AoE circle, as well as tell where the edges of it are. And so forth. As with the "A" team, losing healers or tanks either one is going to be a disaster. Especially if you don't have a Huntard to sacrifice.

Afterwards we had a relaxing jaunt out to do the Sons of Gruul questline. I did wipe us once - sorry - but overall it was a smashing success. Over 80 gold out of that quest line.

Overall, the Junior Birdmen Kara Klub was a complete success. Here's to more such adventures.

By the way: got my birdie! What other color would a warlock choose than black?