Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pwned, in PvE even

There was discussion of continuing our Kara attack last night (short story from the weekend: stalled out at Shade). The GL didn't get in until late due to some RL madness (I know, shocked as you), so it was decided to not do it. Instead we headed out to MrT (the only proper name for this instance) to see what Mr. Sunstrider had in store for us.

Apparently he had lots of PvP in store. I'm speaking of course of the third boss, and her four little friends. We tried a number of approaches before giving up, but I think the longest we survived was on the order of 10-15 seconds.

The guides indicate that this works out like a 5v5 arena match. There is no aggro table. And CC is almost impossible it seems.

I'm was wondering to myself this morning: maybe we should approach it like a 5v5. So what do Hunters like to eat? Squishies! Priests and mages are like candy to us in PvP. I don't know how tough this broad is, but maybe I should focus on her, and the other players likewise on thier targets of class preference. Just kite, trap, sheep, freeze. bean, and otherwise keep them at distance (except our palli) until they die.

Dunno. Problem is, I suck in PvP.

Glad we're up to 8 dailies on that island now. I needed the cash to pay the repair bill.