Thursday, April 10, 2008

No Kara, but hey

I was running late last night so I wasn't able to get into Kara. They did have a full crew, though. Attumen down, two attempts at Maiden (die, die) and Moroes (and die). Well, both of those give the prime crew headaches from time to time, so that's not surprising.

Later, I'm asked if I'm available for The Mechanar. Of course I am. For the most part I love teh instancing so I'm totally in like Flint.

Unusual mix for us. I was the sole DPS caster in this group: the GM as warrior, a rogue, our lead tank on his huntard, our tankadin on his priest. Well, DPS in theory. In practice, well, at least I did more damage than the tank. But I'm far from the stellar levels of my main, much less a real DPS warlock.

I was presented with opportunities to learn new skills; in one case, asked to enslave one demon and banish the other. I did manage, but it was clumsy. I think I need to reverse the order of how I did it, but I'll do some reading on the subject.

I also discovered that those arcane elemental guys are banishable, so I added that to the rotation where needed, and employed Seduce for large humanoid encounters, and some phearing for the end boss elementals. All in all, the utility of Floramel is coming along. And maybe that's her strong suit.

Pathaleon dropped the Incanter's Cowl, which was a DPS upgrade for me, but not health or mana. It's technically not a lock hat, the set bonuses make that abundantly clear, but it will do until I start assembling my Oblivion set.

Incidentally - meta gems. Holy Cronk, those suckers are expensive.