Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mixed Doubles

Last night was a little Grimmtooth and a little Floramel.

The Botanica run was one of the few times in recent memories that Grimm's been outstripped on the damage front, in this case by an Enhancement shammy that was outstripping me by around 20% for most of the run. On bosses like Warp Splinter, the gap was closed a bit - BM huntards excel at sustained DPS over time, making them superior for raiding, but not so much the PvP-like atmosphere of your basic 5-man.

Oh - I did get to Exalted status with the Shat'ari faction in this run. Not that that got me much from the QM other than the Drums of Battle. I have a metric ton of those now and my LW is up to 372 as a result.

After the Bot run, the GL suggested we run SL; I asked if I could bring Flora since two of her DS3 pieces drop there. All the other players were the same. I was actually fairly happy with my damage output, but of course it didn't match that of the shammy. My main complaint here is that the succubus' CC is so short-lived, but that is apropos of nothing, it's a general lock issue.

I did cause one wipe more or less, but it wasn't as blatant as it usually is, so I am improving!

For both of these toons I am thinking of a spec change. Grimm's staying BM of course, but I took a bit more of the MM tree than I wanted to in order to get Aimed Shot. Other than reducing healing, that ability is possibly the most useless talent I could pick up, especially for general raiding and heroics. So I'm looking at backing a few points out of MM and putting them into SV in order to pick up Clever Traps, which will give me a 30% improvement on trap duration and/or damage. That sounds far more useful when I think of the Moroes fight and those Heroic Ramps runs.

For Flora I was leaning towards the SL/SL build, but that build gets me so close to getting the Felguard that I am sorely tempted to drop a couple of points in Affliction to get the Felguard. The problem is, if I do that I don't get Siphon Life. You cannot have both. You need one more point in the affliction tree to get SL there, but if you take just one from the demon tree, you lose the felguard.

Faiella is almost level 15 and is tearing up the countryside. I didn't play Grimm right when I leveled him up initially, so I had no idea how easy it should have been. Fai has had absolutely no problem with anything she's been handed, especially now that her snow leopard (Oberon, if you must ask) is up to speed and has Growl and Claw. We're well into the SV tree and will be dwelling there for some time to see what a good SV build can do for me.