Thursday, April 17, 2008

Junior Birdman Kara report

What a night! We got together the Junior Birdman group, AKA Kara2 or K2, and I expected probably we'd down Attumen and get properly spanked by Maiden and Moroes. We did a lot better than that. Moroes still stands, but he knows his ass is on notice. Maiden went down on our second try. Heck, Mo would be down if there hadn't been a miscommunication on the kill order of his adds. Once we suss that, we're going to be looting his wallet for spare change.

It's a completely different experience running Mo as a warlock. Hunters are constantly busy in this fight, and usually right on the edge of falling over, it seems. But all I had to worry about was to not accidentally DoT a trap or shackle target, and otherwise just pew pew pew. A lot less stress!

Got a ring off of Attumen; would have rolled for another item off of Maiden but it didn't seem fair if someone else wanted it, and someone did (gratz OBG!).

Also got my Violet Eye faction ring, so we're rockin the house a little more now.

Word is that we're going to storm Mo again tonight. Hope so!

Evil Check: I need to upload a new pic so you can see Flora's new googley eyes. Seriously, Blizz, wtf.