Saturday, April 19, 2008

I owe you a picture

Kara 1 ran today, and the Big Bad Wolf was very kind to an old dorf huntard this time. At long last I have returned to the ways of the gun. I will post a picture later after I get some shuteye.

We stormed Kara for 6 1/2 hours straight, won every fight we started, and one shotted most of them.

Curator was still bugged, so we mugged him on the far end. One-shotted.

Aran was a little cranky, and did not go down as smoothly as last week. Three-putted.

We were going to take a shot at Prince, but our RL's rig was bugging out, so we halted for the night.

We had a new guild member that has been doing Arenas for most of his life, and has a sufficiently skewed view of how to play a hunter that my hackles are well-raised. Hearing him say that his pet exists to die makes me want to revoke his hunter's license; having him question why he should even feed his pet makes me want to roll Horde just for the chance at ganking him some day. But, of course, a good 70 hunter is hard to find, so we'll try first to refurbish him and help him understand his role in a raid. It's not his fault that PvP has skewed his perspective so badly.

I am very cross at WWS. I wanted to see the real numbers for tonight's fights, but WWS would not work with the new logs. So I upgraded the client and found that it requires a login at the WWS website. Problem is, the WWS website throws a Java exception every time you try to register an account on it.

/gnash teeth