Monday, March 24, 2008

The sweet scent of victory and brimstone

Well, here I am at level 70. They said that a small town girl with an aversion to sunlight wouldn't make it in the world as an adventurer, but here I sit at the leveling pinnacle of a WoW toon's existance.

I started the day 40% of the way from 69 to 70; helped out a guildie or two in STV for giggles (release felguard, set on fire, move on to the next - fire and forget!), then returned to the nasty grind in Nagrand. Seeing as it turned out that we wouldn't have enough for a full Kara group today, the GM decided to take me through Underbog and Slave Pens instead.

Underbog: in our group, I was the heaviest damage dealer, which suprised me. I'm not specced for damage at this point, but Demon spec. Initially I rolled out with my imp as I've seen other senior locks do in group, but then I realized that I was, BY GAWD, specced DEMON. Out came the felguard, and that worked out nicely in this case. We had a couple of situations that got hilariously out of control, but DoT combined with Felguard won the day.

Slave Pens: A bit more of a challenge. Between our senior warrior and our GM playing her priest, we were in pretty good shape until one bad pull or a fear or something got us more than we bargained for. We didn't actually wipe but it was close.

It's about here that the GM notices I'm at 69 and decides that this is a good time to get me moving on the Kara key track. First stop: Shadow Labyrinth. I remember the first time I saw that instance. We died so many time that we saw two repops. This time it was a bit better. We did wipe once, but that's small potatoes with at least two lowbies in the group.

As we hit the big room with the big demons, I realized I was going to ding level 70 in that instance - I was at 90% and climbing at a horrific rate. In the next room, with Mr. Instigator, it happened. Level 70, how suh weet it is.

Wiped on the approach to Murmur, but then we one shotted him. The drop: The Greatsword of Horrid Dreams. Since I had my staff equipped, it was really hard to determine if this was an upgrade using RatingBuster alone, but my peers did loudly indicate that this was indeed Phat Warlock Lewt. Coupled with Hortus' Seal of Brilliance, I'm looking pretty good now.

Next stop: Steam Vaults, then The Arcatraz.

(Aside: yes, I realize that as of 2.4 we won't need to do this. Shush.)

I've respecced to Affliction to see how that does damage wise, and if that doesn't do it for me I will investigate Destruction. It's possible I will go back to Demon if neither renders the results I desire. My play style is possibly unique but so far I have to say that Affliction does not impress.