Saturday, March 8, 2008

A solemn occasion

I plan on having pictures soon, since I took a bunch, but today I girded my loins and went visiting my ancestral home. That's right: Grim Batol.

I am of the Wildhammer Clan, and while we are "officially" relocated to the Hinterlands, Grim Batol calls to us. We are proud of our lost city. Ironforge is just "out there" and Thaurissan is literally a hole in the ground, but our grand city lies at the end of a valley guarded by several heavy gates and (when peopled) legions of my kin lining the valley with guns and siege engines of all kinds. You want to talk about a gauntlet? Try one that's over a mile long! My people built well! It required dark magic - the stuff of nightmares - to breach that fortress in the first place.

So today I paid my respects. I was not able to defeat Axtroz by myself, so I had to satisfy myself with slaughtering every one of his kin guarding the valley while evading Himself.

And then I was there, in the final valley, facing the locked and sealed doors of my home. I walked out to the river where I could see Grim Batol as my forefathers did when hunting and fishing in the valley, shining in the sunlight, and looking up the river, the great Stonewrought Dam bearing the visages of our common ancestors.

I wept bitter tears for my people for a while, and then trudged back to my current home.

Someday, my people, we will return. I pray I will be there when the time comes. Our home awaits.

Pictures, later. Now, ale. Much, much ale.