Monday, March 10, 2008

Punchy Hunter is Punchy

Because of work stupidity, I was unable to commit to our weekend Kara run. Turns out I was available both days, so I took my place in the bullpen as a standby body. Some people seem to take this as a vile insult, but I can't. As I've said before, people that show up without signing up should not expect to be automatically part of the raid, and I stand by that.

But anyway.

Day 1: the easy stuff. Oh Riiiight! I missed out on Attumen (standby, remember), but then one of the raiders got wife aggro or something and had to depart. Me and my boomstick ((Yes, I know, it's a crossbow - hush!)) were called in to service. First stop: Moroes. For once, we didn't wipe, though it felt like we were on the edge for a while - trapping and shackling assignments running around like crazy, that sort of thing. But by gum we got him.

Maiden, that sweet example of giant womanhood, went down ((Hush, pervs!)) with the traditional Hunter sacrifice (/waves to guildie).

Then Opera. I completely forgot how to handle the undead Ushers and probably contributed greatly to the raid deathtoll. However, the biggest problem was the event itself. The Rommy and Julie Show.

Oh, how I hate this pair. It's based on Shakespeare. I hate Shakespeare. Also, we may have had some strategy to work out ... well, we tried many times, and called it with the two still alive.

Day Two - I had been up from 1:30 AM to 7:30 AM the night before due to aforementioned work stupidity, and was a bit punchy, but the boss called and I answered. To even get in there, we had to recruit a mage from another guild to fill in. She was OK, and we might consider further engagements with her and her guild in the future if the rest of that guild is similar in nature.


R&J went down after we identified a few weaknesses in our strategy (which is not the proscribed one, but it works for us). Julie dropped the gown which made our healers happy (as well as one of the warlocks, who would wear plate if the game would let him, I swear). There was rejoicing!

Curator: We seem to have overcome some mental block with this guy, and have it in our heads how to deal with this sucker now. Flare flare flare flare DPS flare flare flare DPS you get the picture. One-shotted the bastige. My glove token dropped, but (I think) one of the locks got it. Next time, robot curator, I swear I will know the sweet taste of success! (/shakes fist in air)

Chess was free lewtz. Kay.

Aran: We got him down to the teens. Not quite there yet but getting there. We need to polish how we handle the elementals. Two locks can banish two of them, but the other two need someone to keep them busy. Two hunters, two cats? Maybe.

I also, as I was afraid I would, forgot to use my snake traps. Bad grimmy.

Well, we called on Aran, but we may be back tonight to try again. The gang is excited and want to see his ass on the floor.


I tried a new shot rotation today, partly to deal with long boss battles in which I burn through mana like nobody's business. Instead of Arcane-Steady-Steady woven around autofire, I now eschew Arcane Shot completely except the lead shot (to get any dispel it might offer). Whaddya know, my DPS shot to the top of the charts - around 650 according to WWS. This was unexpected. I was simply trying to conserve mana. But lemme tell you, as soon as I saw the numbers in the real time damage meter start creeping up, I knew something was going on.

One shortcoming bubbled up this weekend - Our GL rightly noted that Aimed Shot halves healing, a very handy thing in the R&J fight, and guess who doesn't have Aimed Shot? So I'm going to go drop Rapid Killing and pick this talent up, and maybe drop the Improved Arcane Shot and put those points in Efficiency and Mortal Strike. It's a shame that there's no point in channeling a few of these to the SV tree.

Hmmm .... survival tree ... it's too expensive to respec Grimm, but I keep thinking about rolling another hunter alt to test out the viability of the SV tree, especially as a raider.

Speaking of Alts

The GL is floating the idea of a weeknight alt raid again. In light of the need for bodies in this respect, I'm putting Flora back on the fast track since she's at 66 already.