Sunday, March 23, 2008

Made in the Shade

Kara part 1, the short story

We downed Aran.

Kara part 1, the long story: the farm trilogy

Attumen went down easy peasy, and we one-shotted Moroes. I finally gave voice to one of my pet peeves on the trash mobs of that part; once we clear most of the pats and mobs outside the dining chamber, for some reason we all go up and gather in a little corner that has serious LOS issues for anyone, much less ranged DPS. We stay there for the remainder of the foyer and for the first 2-3 pulls of the dining hall.

We've had more bad pulls there than I can count. Or someone jigging out to get visibility. Someone not able to help bring down the mobs because they're obscured in a doorway. That sort of thing. What we need is to stay on the damned stairs until it is safe to go into the dining hall. There are no LOS issues and no possibility of inadvertantly pulling a group that way.

After Moroes, we headed for that lovely alabaster lady down the hall, Maiden. We seemed to have some healing issues and as a result we lost both tanks before a total wipe ensued. I forget if we jiggled the lineup at that point or not, but we took her down on the next try.

I hate Shakespeare even more now

We seem to have a serious mental block on Romulo and Julianne. We one-shotted them our first try, and ever since then they've been our nemesis. We spent hours trying to complete this encounter before we finally rejiggered the whole lineup enough times to make it work.

Heck, we had to clear repops at one point.

I really don't know what to offer on this other than observing (the obvious) that we go south when one tank or the other dies. If the healer for that tank isn't eating floor at that point, we need to rethink our healing strategy in that encounter. Well, we need to tweak something.

We also need to control our DPS better; I see a lot of situations where R or J went for a DPSer while the tank was still alive. Omen only works if you watch it. I've started throttling myself back in those critical boss battles unless it's clearly a case of BURN BURN BURN. Especially in cases where I might need FD for real, I'm hesitant to use it routinely as an aggro management tool, though it comes in awefully handy for that.

R+J is a tough encounter. You gotta have two good viable tanks, you gotta have dedicated healers, you gotta make sure that the mobs are under control, which means you have to watch agro like a hawk, and you GOTTA listen to the raid leader. This baby takes some serious coordination and that means you gotta stay sharp.

For the final phase when we're bringing back both, I've found that the 'V' command is a great took for watching the health of both at once. If I saw one skew too far during the final seconds, I switched to the other with my DPS. I have no idea if that contributed to our final success or not, but if everyone does that it'll be one less worry.

Glad that one's over.

Curate This

Curator was one-shotted yet again and for this I am grateful. There seem to be a couple of people that are not yet 100% clear on the "stay away from other people" principle, though at least our other hunter seemed to be watching things close enough so that she got away from me when the flares got too close. If we'd've both died over that I would have been pretty cross.

(aside: when discussing a toon of another player that is different gender than the player's meatspace avatar, what is the proper protocol?)

We didn't die, though, so cheers all around. Three flare phases, then pew pew pew and he's toast. Good job peeps!

Naturally, the hunter T4 token didn't drop.

Cranky old man

Shade of Aran has been giving us problems until last week, when the group took him down on one of the occasions that I wasn't unable to attend. This week we went straight from Curator to Aran with Chess held off as either a consolation prize or victory lap.

We wiped on the first try but got him down to 20%. I was a little bit confused because I hadn't been there for a win, but after seeing that the strategy was the same as last time I was there, I was able to function a bit better on the second attempt. Poor Random got killed within seconds of starting on what I suspect was a botched pull, but we managed to pull it together and start pumping damage.

Ending the night

It was well past 11 PM here when we finished. I got nothing decent lootwise, but I did accumulate sufficient badges so that I could purchase the Bloodlust Brooch. Prior to this I've been carrying around the Mark of the Chosen. So yeah, time for an upgrade.

/fall over