Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Life Support

I made the terrible mistake this weekend of cutting my own life support - in other words, I tried to upgrade the OS on my PC from Win2K to XP. I was not, as you may gather, successful. The only thing that saved my hide is that I keep my data on a completely different drive from the OS. That way, when it got too screwed up to even boot, I was able to format and proceed. But still.

Word to the wise: if you get an offer for WinXP MCE for $75, turn it down unless you are an idiot savant with Windows. Or at least check first to ensure that it is NOT MCE 2005 edition, which is locked down so tight that even the RPC servers and clients can't talk to each other.

I did manage to join the guild for the last part of Sunday's Kara run. They cleared Curator first time - cool! - and one of the Hunter tier tokens dropped - /sob - but it went to a good hunter so it's all good. I joined after. We cleared to Chess, then went to say hi to Aran again.

Our previous record (or only previous try) was 79%. This time we got him down to 37%. Not bad, especially for a second try! We hit the phase with the sheeping and elementals, and I was totally unprepared for that because I didn't think we'd get that far! Lulz all around there. The GL called it there because the repops were popping, but I think it can be said that we ended on a high note.

Hey, how about that Kael'Thas Sunstrider fellow? Looks pretty rough by the time he gets to Sunwell Plateau. Dig that crystal sticking out of his chest. Reminds me of Tron: "Sark ... all my functions are now yours ..." I imagine he doesn't come back from this one since this time the party brings back his HEAD, but you never know - they might stick another crystal on his neck and paint a smiley on it. Or maybe a pumpkin!