Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Dread Steed Roberts

I have a groovy and wonderful guild. The night before, we ran the Ring of Blood to get me the Battle Mage's Baton.
Then last night, we ran the quest necessary to get my Dreadsteed. I was in error that I thought that I didn't need to complete the quest for the mirror, candle, and wheel; when I realized I didn't have the arcanite quest, and then realized I couldn't get the steed quest, I started realizing how screwed I was.

I had 5/6 shards, and Grimm had 3/3 dragon scales, but I didn't have the potions, ore, or arcanite.

My lovely guildies pitched in with deposits to the guild bank and holding their entrance into Dire Maul for almost an hour while I got my demonic stuff together.

Once in, it went well. We had 2 level 70 locks and one level 60, plus a pally and a shammy, and we got everything we needed between the five of us.

Yes, I already had an epic mount. But this is a matter of pride. A warlock without a demonic mount that has a flaming mane is just a mage that like demons a lot.

Out of grattitude, I've dropped 100 gold into the guild bank and my next 100 is for that as well. It's the least I can do.