Monday, March 31, 2008

Demonic embrace

As usual, I get around 1 free weekend of raiding and the next 3 I have to take what I can get. Fortunately, the guild was able to man up for Kara both days without me, so the guilt trip is minimal. And I managed to participate some in both cases so I actually get to feel useful, too.

Saturday, we were all on the wrong pills or something. I came in 2 hours or so after the raid started, hopped on Illume the mage, and started slaying beasties in HP. The call comes in; I come. I asked the RL, "so, we getting ready for Opera?" Her response: ":: sob ::". Yes, still working on Moroes. Just not getting it to gel, or something. We had a new rogue to the guild, and some new-ish toons that have been with the guild for a while but are just getting up to Kara level. I'm not sure why that makes such a big difference. The RL said we needed more trapping, and maybe we did, because first time after I joined up, we took him down. Our lead hunter's charge broke loose after we'd both trapped him, but he got him back and we re-trapped. That was the worse of it. Our trap placement wasn't the best but it was enough to get the job done.

Maiden was also unkind to us. Our first run we lost the tank, then the other tank, then wiped. Our second run got started early when one of our pallys (allegedly) got too close and started the encounter. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my favorite oversized stone goddess, but we had things to do. So, I think it was the third try, we took her out. No sacrifice required.

Opera: How we desire Legacy or our rifle. So what pops? Romulo and Julianne, that's who. For what, the fifth week running? Now we've been three-putting easy ones like Maiden, so this will kill us, right? Wrong. One shotted it. That was where it was called for the night. Don't press our luck.

I so wanted to be in on the Curator run the next night - for a shot at the T4 piece - , but of course I couldn't. While I was away, the guild powered through Curator and Aran with one minor ding (as I understand it). Hey, look, we can talk about Aran as if it weren't a life-ending experience, now. Good deal.

They lost a body before Illhoof, so I got called in. This was my first time so my impressions are kinda jangley. One thing I think I'd recommend is to ignore Kil'rek - the prevailing wisdom is if you can't take Kil'rek down in 10 seconds, focus DPS on Illhoof and the chains and let the AoE take out Kil'rek. Other than that, it's all a blur to me.

On the 2.4 goodness: I confess that I am not fully exploiting the goodness of the new dailies, but that's because it takes over 2 hours to do them all! I am limiting myself to the two Phase 1 dailies and the kill-the-demon Phase 2. I am not doing the bombing run. Thus far, Blizz 0 for 3 on bombing runs. They all suck to various degrees. In this case, getting a Pit Lord boss without being ganked is just not possible, it seems. So screw that.

With any luck, the guild will have another shot at Illhoof tonight, and starting Wednesday will run an alt Kara party. Here's hoping.