Monday, March 17, 2008

Another one of those weekends

A series of unfortunate events

My Kara pleasure was curtailed this weekend by my inability to deal with minor annoyances.

When I re-installed W2K a few weeks ago, one side effect was that my system partition came up as "E:" (primary, active) and my data partition as "C:". Everything worked. New software installed in to "E:\Program Files" as it should.

But that mis-mapped drive letter was my white whale. I could not countenance its existence.

Oddly enough, Windows will not let you shuffle around drive letters on the system drive. So I couldn't rename the C: partition to F: or something and let the system do the rest.

So I called out the big guns - partition management software that heretofore has never failed me.

It failed me.

After a successful rename of the boot partition, I was unable to boot. I even named it back, but NTLDR could not be found - game over.

This was a five minute task scheduled for Saturday morning. By the time I was up and running and had WoW loaded, it was 23:00 or thereabouts. Epic FAIL.

Here's to absent friends

The good news: the guild stormed Kara without me, brought in an outside friend of a guildie, and Aran went down. This is our third or fourth attempt at him, I forget, but nonetheless, he got served. And they did this in one sitting - that's Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera (Romulo and Julianne) , Curator, Chess, and Aran. Plus they beat on Illhoof a little bit just for giggles. So from the heart:

Way to go, OCV!


Hard like heroic

Unfortunately, we were unable to muster a full group on Sunday (I was running late anyway), but seeing as Aran was taken down, we had the means to go get the necessary pieces to summon Nightbane, so we formed up a five-man and did heroic SH (x2) and then Heroic Ramparts to help a guildie try to get a special belt (or was it ring?).

I'm pretty sure I came out in general cashflow-negative on that one. Several deaths. Very sad.

Brother would you spare a dime

Speaking of which, I am in despair of ever getting my epic flyer. I am now around 700 GP lower than I was around a month ago, and the grind is just too awful to bear thinking of. The dailies are too touchy-feely for me to enjoy them (well, except for the Escort, which is just a series of frustrations - I don't go there anymore) or just plain awful (I'm looking at you, bombing run).

I'm hoping that patch 2.4 will alleviate this some with some more interesting and enjoyable dailies, but even with that, it's going to take forever to get there. Flora's started saving for her flyer already.

No, it really is that bad

Side note: Flora may be wearing the ugliest cloth in the entire game. More on that later, but I think it actually enhances aggro generation.